2021 Company Annual Meeting
Release Date:2021-01-18 Reading Quantity:1529

Just in the past 2020, it is a year of writing a historical monument.
The epidemic crisis, we did not be intimidated in the whole environment of the cold winter.
2020, we launched the management system - Fulitong, initially realize information integration and sharing, enhance the company's internal control.
2020, we created new brands - Elelechy, gradually accumulating private domain traffic, enhanced brand visibility.
2020, we have formed an operation department, a strong and powerful output, unstoppable, enhanced the market share.
At present, the company's business continues to develop, and has achieved good results.

In a relaxed and pleasant environment, Best 2021 will be launched in an orderly manner.

The individual with colleagues is unique show, there is an exciting lottery, and the tension-stimulated game PK.



In 2021, we will continue to create new achievements!

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