2020 Best Gold Autumn Group Construction Expansion
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This built-in teaching is a master line, challenges the PK, PK to find the required feelings. To defeat the market, you can't be defeated by the market. Competition is cruel, but the constant is our persistence and persistence. Keep "hunger" keep in mind "survival of the survival", the risk, fear, the opportunity and the ambition are intertwined in the most ruthless environment, but don't forget, we have such a group of comrades always with us, behind Some companies support us to break the waves!

1.Broken Ice Built:
According to the whole training target, pass or relax, or serious, or passionate warm-up game, let the students relax Defense, integrate into the team.Then, a group building, improve the organization architecture, establish a team culture, and carry out personally Indicated.
Project objectives: 1, breaking ice heat; 2, stimulating interest; 3, set rules; 4, paveling for the whole training.


2.Extreme Time:
The team cooperates to take the number of 30 numbers in the circle according to the order in the order in the premise of the non-illegal rules.Record all times; lost teams will accept cruel rewards!
Training objectives: division of labor and cooperation, goals and breakthroughs


3.Graduation Wall


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