Development And Status Of Power Storage Technology
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Energy storage technology is an important part of the smart grid and one of the key supporting technologies for the smart grid. The development prospects of my country's energy storage industry are: pumped storage power stations have entered the peak period, the power battery market has continued to expand, the energy storage technology applied to the power grid has developed rapidly, and the development of large-capacity batteries.

Now, the scale of new energy power generation is rapidly expanding, the use of new energy vehicles is popularized, and the construction of smart grids is rapidly heating up. The development prospects of related energy storage technologies and equipment are unanimously optimistic.

1.1 Significantly improve the power grid's ability to effectively utilize renewable energy

According to statistics from the World Wind Energy Association, the total global installed capacity of wind power reached 196.63 million kW at the end of 2010; my country’s cumulative installed wind power capacity in 2010 was 44.733 million kW, and it is estimated that by 2020, the installed wind power capacity will reach 150 million kW. At the end of 2010, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation worldwide reached 40 million kW; my country’s cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in 2010 was 800,000 kW, and it is expected that by 2020, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will exceed 20 million kW.

1.2 The application of energy storage technology is conducive to optimizing system energy management, improving system efficiency and equipment utilization

The load of the power system has periodic changes between daytime peaks and late night troughs, and the load peak-valley difference can reach 30% to 40% of the maximum power output, and it has been increasing in recent years. This peak-to-valley difference causes certain difficulties for power generation and power dispatch. Most of the current power supply shortage occurs during the peak load period in summer. If the power system can store electric energy on a large scale, that is, store the electric energy during the low load period at night and release it during the daytime load peak period, it can alleviate the lack of power to a certain extent, reduce the load peak-valley difference, and improve System efficiency and utilization of power transmission and distribution equipment delay the construction of new generator sets and transmission lines.

1.3 Energy storage is conducive to increasing the reserve capacity of the system, improving the safety and stability of the power grid and power quality, realizing energy economy and improving comprehensive benefits

In the event of disturbances, voltage sags, short-term interruptions, short circuits and other accidents in the power system, the energy storage device can instantly absorb or release energy, so that the adjustment devices in the system have time to adjust, avoid system instability, and ensure high-quality power supply. When the system is out of power due to a fault, the energy storage device can play the role of a large uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to avoid the loss caused by a sudden power outage and improve the overall economic benefits.

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